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33rd Beginners’ Class…begins!

(Just writing that is kind of amazing. Thirty-three? We’ve really done 33 of these things? Wow.) The 33rd official House of Netjer/Kemetic Orthodox Faith beginners’ class started this evening, with a welcome letter. Next, those who signed up will be … Continue reading

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Welcome, 19 new Remetj!

Nineteen people joined theKemetic Orthodox House of Netjer as members this week. I’d like to give a warm welcome to: Jon of North Carolina Stephanie of Maryland Anna of Alabama Carlos Eduardo of Brazil Jose of Texas Michael of California … Continue reading

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“God is in the Clean”

Been busy this week, catching up with the things I had to set aside to get the book draft for Haitian Vodou finished, getting some well-deserved sleep, and various errands around the building and the springtime. It’s been raining almost … Continue reading

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Links ahoy! and publishing news

Click on the links bar/window above, or the word Links, and you’ll get a growing links set. I have lots more to add, but this should keep you busy for at least 20 minutes. I’ll also be making more updates … Continue reading

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Kemet Today post on Osama bin Laden

Much as I’d rather not post about politics all the time, obviously this is not something I could ignore, especially after I said something about 9/11 that ended up in a book about the subject. You can read the post … Continue reading

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