The Ancient Egyptian Daybook – important updates

Happy Egyptian New Year (or di wep ronpet nofret, as they’d say in old Memphis). If you’re a pledge backer or have a preorder for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook, you want to see some important information about a special gift on Kickstarter, right away!

More news soon.

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…has it really been six months?

No, actually. It’s been seven since I moved. Wow.

I’ve been blogging, actually, just not on this particular site (forgive me). There are ruminations about Vodou over at, and then I have been posting about the various things that I do in my Kemetic practice on the official website for that. It seems that Twitter fits the way my brain works a little bit better than a blog right now, probably because life jumped into high gear after the move, and has not slowed to a comfortable idle. If you want to know what I’m doing every day, that’s the best place to catch me.

What’s happened? Well, let’s see…

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First days in the Inland Empire

We survived the move from San Jose to the 909, as my friends in Pomona are calling the area. Is everything in Southern California reducible to numbers? Sometimes I wonder.

Ru and Zig managed through eight hours or so on the road. Continue reading

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In between: an update of a different sort

2013-12-15 00.43.48

Ru is very, very angry with me right now.

I’m not being mean to him, precisely. But the apartment is full of boxes, nothing is where it’s supposed to be, and instead of sitting and petting him in my lap as I watched the evening news, I was shifting boxes from one room to another, assessing how much work we’ll have tomorrow once the moving truck arrives.

There is nothing worse in the world than trying to placate a cat whose house is all messed up.
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News and new posts and websites, oh my!

Plenty going on around here since my last post about the Kickstarter campaign. Incidentally, if you missed the campaign but you’d still like to get in on campaign-packaged perks before the Daybook release, there’s now a website for that.

I’ve also been posting to my religious blog, which has a new URL (the old one still forwards). A couple of years ago, I shut that one down in favor of consolidating everything here, but as it turns out, I think it makes more sense to have two separate feeds for those thoughts and ideas. So, if you are interested in seeing what I do with ancient Egyptian religion, you’re welcome to check it out. Of current interest to readers of this blog may be information on some reviews of The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook that were posted recently, and also my thoughts about current events in Egypt. I could’ve posted that latter post here, but the people asking me about whether or not I was going to post were referencing it in terms of some “official statement” for that side of my life…so I put it there instead. Of course, those thoughts apply further than just to my fellow religionists.
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