Six more days for the Daybook Planner!

We’re still raising funds to meet two stretch goals for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook Perpetual Planner campaign on Kickstarter.

Kicktraq is providing a quick link to how we’re doing – so far so good, but we’ve still got a way to go to our two goals:

The Ancient Egyptian Daybook: Perpetual Planner -- Kicktraq Mini

Please consider backing this project – or spreading the word about it. This entire project lives or dies on word of mouth, like all crowdfunding does. It takes a crowd to fund a project, and I’m delighted to be able to share this with all of you. Thank you so much.

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Just shy of 75%…Ancient Egyptian Daybook Planner go!

Today we’re at 74% of funding for the followup project to The Ancient Egyptian Daybook. This is a standalone perpetual planner-style calendar, and a project I had mentioned doing back with the first Kickstarter but was holding until the Daybook itself was complete. Now it’s time to get that going, and you can help either by backing it/preordering your copy, or helping me to spread the word. If the Kickstarter doesn’t make its goal by the end of March – we have 21 days left – then this project will not be funded and it will have to wait until I can afford to do it in the future.

Here’s where to find it:

Thanks for your help with visibility! There is a very ambitious stretch goal for a calendar app to go with the planner – a way to print out calendars based on all your parameters and essentially an interactive digital Daybook – but that needs quite a bit more funding for me to hire the programmers in addition to the design and distribution people/licensing it takes. I’ve seen a very very basic prototype of the app already, and so I know it can be done. If that’s a thing that interests you or would interest your friends, please let them know. It would be great fun to put an ancient calendar out for our modern age in that way.

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Daybook Perpetual Planner: Kickstarter live (and 50% there already!)

Yesterday afternoon, the Kickstarter campaign for the companion perpetual planner calendar to The Ancient Egyptian Daybook launched. Just 24 hours or so in, it’s already halfway to the goal with very little advertisement from me. I’m very pleased about this; it means that those who have received (or are about to receive – still shipping!) their Daybooks like it enough that they’d also like to have the sequel/companion piece.

This is a tiny project, in comparison to the massive work of several decades that was the original Daybook. I am hoping to have the Daybook Planner printed and in people’s hands by the end of May since it’s already in process, though the campaign says August just to give enough wiggle room between now and the next set of Egyptian New Year calibrations if I run into any unforeseen obstacles in design/layout.

Very excited, and happy, to be doing this project, and I continue to be happy with the responses I’m getting from those who have seen the Daybook so far. It’s difficult to know how to feel when you put out a work that represents decades of your life. It’s less difficult when you find out it really is useful to someone besides yourself.

You can check out the project on Kickstarter here:

And please, if you aren’t interested or won’t be supporting this Daybook Planner project personally, would you consider helping me spread the word? We have a massive stretch goal to consider making an ancient Egyptian calendar program/app so people can make their own calendars on their phones, computers, etc. I’d love to pursue that project, but it will not come cheap because it’s not the same calendrical system as our Gregorian one at all and has to be programmed from scratch. If that interests you or anyone you know, please share. Thank you so much for the support and the encouragement.

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Back from my third trip/event since 2017 began. Early morning thanks to jet lag means looking at my calendar, sorting what needs to be done, and preparing for my next trip, to Paganicon in March. Zigzag won’t leave visual contact, which means he’s not trusting me to stay home already. There are still 20-odd cartons of Ancient Egyptian Daybooks to be shipped, hundreds of emails to answer, paperwork to file for my dissertation proposal with its May deadlines, and ordinary errands like grocery shopping, laundry, and bills to pay. Despite the feeling of non-movement, I am dancing as fast as I can.

Continue reading

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It’s not real until you hold it in your hands….

I got the test book for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook in mid-December. That was when the project started to feel like a real thing, beyond the ebook that had already been released to the Kickstarter and backers. I even took a photo of it, to remember that moment, when the project went from my head to tangible reality outside of my own brain.

Today the book took another leap into reality, as 25 boxes (of a total of 32) were finally delivered after being delayed in Portland’s freak snowstorm week. Here’s a quick view of all three forms of the backer project: coilbound, paperback, and hardcover, respectively. Continue reading

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