My Google+ account is under my name: Tamara L. Siuda.

I participate on Twitter as @tamarasiuda (and occasionally as @chitatann). Twitter is my go-to social media platform. I Tweet daily, and I do respond to those who Tweet to me.

My personal page on Contently is located here.

My Patreon is at this link and the button below.

I’m on LinkedIn, and my business is Stargazer Design, if you’re in the market for a writer and/or editor. I freelance in a number of nonfiction and fiction genres.

Other social media: Find me on Facebook, on Pinterest, and on Tumblr by clicking these links.

As a PhD candidate and scholar, I am listed at .

Interested in Kemetic Orthodoxy? Our main site is at, and our temple’s forums are located at, respectively.

Interested in Haitian Vodou? Visit my Vodou-only blog at, my Mambo T Patreon, or check out the shop at Legba’s Crossroads.

Email sent to: tamara at tamarasiuda dot com (general/writing/Egypt-related) or andezo at gmail dot com (Vodou only) ((links removed to avoid spider/bots)) goes directly to me. I do my best to answer personally, though sometimes it takes me a few days.

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