A list of links for your reading pleasure. The usual caveats apply: I didn’t write these sites (unless I say so), etc. All sites are rated “PG-13” unless I say otherwise – some of my links may include vulgarity (gasp!), so be aware of that if you read the Internet to your children, hmmmm?

These are only a few of the many, many things that fascinate me. This page will be a permanent work in progress. If you’d like me to add a link or two, email your suggestions!

Last updated: 21 June 2015

Asian Studies
The Bhagavad-Gita
Condensed China – Chinese History for Beginners
The Samurai Archives

The Chicago History Museum
Richard Crowe, Ghost Hunter (rest in peace, my friend)
Field Museum of Natural History
Weird and Haunted Chicago

Curious History and Culture
Badass of the Week NOTE: VULGARITY
Michael John Grist’s Ruins Gallery
Atlas Obscura

Curious People
James Altucher
Clive Barker’s Official Website
E. E. Cummings No, he didn’t lowercase his own name.
El Greco: WebMuseum
The Rolling Stones
Dave Ross
Warren Ellis

Egypt, Ancient (Kemet) and Modern (Misr)
The Coptic Orthodox Church
Em Hotep – Egyptology for the Layperson and the Scholar
Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

Haiti and Haitian Vodou
Strength Makes Them See: A Vodou Blog by Mambo Chita Tann
Bookmanlit – Literature for the Bicentennial Generation
Houngan Matt’s Vodou Blog

Indigenous/Native/NDN Websites
Midwest SOARRING Foundation
Native American Times
Onondaga Nation

Just for fun – Humor and Fun Links
A Clever Waste of Time – how far can you get?
Egyptastic NOTE: SATIRE
How many colors can you name in five minutes?

Kemetic Orthodoxy
The Kemetic Orthodox Faith Please, don’t call it “KO.”
Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer
Kemet Today Blog
Dice and Diamonds (by Sobeq)
Gold of the Valley, Lapis of the River (by Shefyt)
Crook and Flail (by Rev. Raheri)

Magic, Divination, and Other Cultural Curiosities
Ask the Oracle!
The Random Coin Flipper

Edgar Allan Poe
Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe Society (Baltimore)
The Poe Studies Association

Storytelling Curiosities and Web Comics
Gunnerkrigg Court
MS Paint Adventures, a.k.a. “Homestuck”
Sorcery 101

Technological Curiosities

J.R.R. Tolkien
The Encyclopedia of Arda
The Tolkien Society

Tamara’s personal links: social media, books, and more
Tamara’s website
Tamara’s Amazon Author Central page
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The Ancient Egyptian Daybook
The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook
Haitian Vodou: An Introduction
Tamara’s Lulu Spotlight
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