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September 2017  TBA (October 2017 likely)
Booksigning(s) in Minneapolis, Minnesota!
Watch this space for more information on a booksigning or possible lectures and other appearances in Minneapolis in the autumn of 2017!


July 2017
Tamara at the 18th St. Shenouda/UCLA Conference of Coptic Studies, July 14-15, 2017
I will present my first paper as a doctoral candidate at the annual Coptic Studies conference jointly held by UCLA and the St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society. “St. Salib (Pistavros the Neo-Martyr), St. Sidhom Bishay, and Coptic Martyrology as History” is related to my dissertation work on Coptic martyrology, its continuation and perpetuation of pharaonic ancestor veneration, and its use as a vehicle for Coptic political and cultural identity. More information on the conference can be found here.

March 2017
Tamara at Paganicon 7, March 17-19, 2017
I’ll be at Paganicon in Minneapolis, MN again this March. I’m scheduled to speak on several panels around indigenous appropriation/indigenous issues in Neopaganism and a panel about publishing. Separately, I will lecture about the ancient Egyptian calendar on Sunday (followed by a booksigning), and will host a Haitian Vodou service Saturday evening in honor of Sosyete Fos Fe Yo We’s eleventh anniversary.  My sosyete and I are co-hosting this year’s Pagans/Polytheists of Color & Allies suite in room 224 all weekend, which has its own private and public events schedule. More details are available on the Paganicon schedule at their official website.

January 2017
Tamara at Curious Gallery PDX, January 7-8, 2017
I’ll present a lecture at Curious Gallery in Portland on Sunday, January 8, about ancient Egyptian mummies and their modern fates. Read a post with the lecture abstract here. Curious Gallery is a two-day event in celebration of art, nature, and culture in the spirit of the wunderkammer tradition.

July 2016
Tamara at the 11th International Congress of Coptic Studies, July 25-30, 2016
At the International Association of Coptic Studies’ Coptic Congress 2016 at Claremont Graduate University on Tuesday, July 27, I presented a lecture entitled “Revisiting the Chronology of Coptic Martyrology.” A full copy of the accompanying academic paper has been accepted for future publication by Brill. Read the abstract here on page 45.

March 2016
Tamara at Paganicon 6, March 18-20, 2016
I’ve been named one of the guests of honor at this year’s Paganicon in Minneapolis, MN. Along with appearances with the other guests of honor and panel discussions throughout the weekend, I’ll offer lectures on Vodou and Kemetic topics, as well as a discussion around being involved in religions that aren’t part of one’s ancestral history. A Vodou service on Saturday evening in honor of Sosyete Fos Fe Yo We’s tenth anniversary, as well as open social events, will be hosted by the Sosyete’s suite. More details are available at the Paganicon schedule on their official website. You can hear a conversation about Paganicon 2016 with the guests of honor archived here, from a podcast recorded on January 30. (Note: this recording contains the show that was on an hour before our interviews as well. We start at the 1:00 mark.) An additional in-depth interview I gave is published here.

January 2016
Moving again and Haiti!
I’ve moved to the Pacific North-wet…specifically, the city of Portland, Oregon, as of January. I’ll also spend three weeks in Haiti, for Vodou ceremonies and visiting family.

January 2015
Tamara at PantheaCon, February 2015
I’m at PantheaCon in San Jose, CA once again this February. Our annual service demonstration in honor of the Lwa Danbala-Wedo and Ayida-Wedo (Saturday evening), and Vodou-related classes and social events, are being hosted by the Sosyete’s suite. I’ll give a lecture on ancient Egyptian festival calendars, related to my Ancient Egyptian Daybook project, on Sunday afternoon. Check the PantheaCon schedule for full details and official times.

September 2014
Now Blogging at – Kemet Today
The new polytheist news and opinion collaborative media website,, has gone live, and I’ll be a columnist there. You can read my section, Kemet Today, at this website.

July 11-13, 2014
Polytheist Leadership Conference, Fishkill NY
Somehow, I’ve ended up as the keynote speaker of the first Polytheist Leadership Conference, being held in upstate NY this summer. [ETA: You can read my thoughts about it, and a transcript of the speech I gave, here.]

April 2014
I’ll be in England for the House of Netjer’s very first European members’ retreat mid-month, and also to do some talking about The Ancient Egyptian Daybook. All these events are private, but I’m excited to be able to visit the UK for the first time!

March 2014
Tamara on Wyrd Ways Radio
I’ll be making an appearance on Wyrd Ways Radio to talk about Kemetic Orthodoxy in specific and Kemetic polytheism in general on March 5. (You can listen to the interview here; it starts at approximately 64:00.)

January 2014
Tamara at PantheaCon, February 2014
I’ll be at PantheaCon in San Jose, CA this February in both my Rev. Tamara and Mambo T capacities. In addition to a ceremony in honor of the Lwa Danbala-Wedo and Ayida-Wedo (Saturday evening), and other Vodou-related classes and social events hosted by the Sosyete’s suite, I’ll host a Kemetic Orthodox ceremony in honor of Wesir (Osiris) and our ancestors on Sunday morning, a Llewellyn authors’ panel about ancestors later Sunday morning in the Llewellyn suite, and also a book signing party for Haitian Vodou, The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook, The Ancient Egyptian Daybook, and other publications on Sunday afternoon. Check out the PantheaCon schedule for more details!

December 2013
I’ve moved (again)!
As of December 17, I will be living in the Inland Empire of Southern California. I’ve accepted a fellowship transfer for my doctoral work to continue, and will be starting at Claremont Graduate University in January. I’ll miss you, NorCal (and I still miss you, Midwest!)….

June 2013 goes live
A website strictly for THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN DAYBOOK project funded via Kickstarter is now live! Check out the website for updates on its progress, as well as a way to pre-order the final book. The Daybook will be published in August 2016.

May 2013
Article about Kemetic Orthodoxy in PAGAN DAWN
I was invited to write a guest article about my work with Kemetic Orthodoxy for the current issue (#187) of Pagan Dawn, the journal of The Pagan Federation in the UK. It’s called “Immortal Kemet: The revival of ancient Egyptian polytheism” and it appears on pages 38-41, in a very nice spread with photographs. You can contact them about a copy here.

14 March 2013
THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN DAYBOOK Kickstarter Campaign – Funding Successful!
see the Kickstarter page for more information and updates. We raised $17,144, or more than 500% of the initial $3,000 goal. The final project will be published in August 2016.

June and July 2012
Haiti Reads Book Drive
see this post for more information. I’ll be accepting books until 15 July 2012.

May 18-19, 2012
Wing Fest New York City

This year’s first annual Wing Fest is a multi-location event for Kemetic Orthodox people to honor all the gods and goddesses of ancient Egyptian religion Who have wings. There are ritual and social events going on all over the world this week, and I’ll be appearing at the events in the New York City area on Friday and Saturday, to meet and greet our membership and to give a Wing Fest-related lecture on Saturday morning at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

April 2012
“Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole” interview/podcast, Radio
There’ll be an interview about my work with Kemetic Orthodoxy with Andrieh and Jason of the Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole radio show on Para-X internet radio, starting at 8pm ET. Episode 51 will be recorded and available from this link after the show.

January 2012
Tamara at PantheaCon, February 2012
I’ll be at PantheaCon in San Jose, CA this February in both my Rev. Tamara and Mambo T capacities. In addition to a lecture about Haitian Vodou (Sunday afternoon), a ceremony in honor of the Lwa Danbala-Wedo and Ayida-Wedo (Saturday evening), and some other classes and social events hosted by the Sosyete’s suite, I’ll be hosting a Kemetic Orthodox ceremony in honor of Wesir (Osiris) (Sunday morning), a panel with other authors about whether or not we consider ourselves Pagans (later Sunday morning), and also a book release party for Haitian Vodou (Sunday afternoon). We’re also donating our space for a Llewellyn authors’ mixer in our suite on Saturday evening. Check out the PantheaCon schedule for more details on when all these things are going on!

January 2012
Haitian Vodou: An Introduction to Haiti’s Indigenous Spiritual Tradition by Mambo Chita Tann (my Haitian name) releases 10 January 2012 (earlier than the projected 8 February 2012 date). You can get more information about it at the official HAITIAN VODOU release website.

January 2012
An official website for my upcoming book on Haitian Vodou went live on January 6.

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