Welcome, 19 new Remetj!

Nineteen people joined theKemetic Orthodox House of Netjer as members this week. I’d like to give a warm welcome to:

Jon of North Carolina
Stephanie of Maryland
Anna of Alabama
Carlos Eduardo of Brazil
Jose of Texas
Michael of California
Leigh-Ann of Michigan
Lesley of Florida
Gabriel of Venezuela
Ragman of Brazil
Ericka of Canada
Russell of New York
Wallace of Brazil
Honey of Georgia
Susan of New Jersey
Terra of Arizona
Hope of Louisiana
Jeffrey of Maryland
Krysan of Nevada

There might be a few more, as people respond to their requests for further information, but these folks made the deadline. Our new beginners’ class will commence tomorrow, on schedule. Those who were interested in the beginners’ course and put in an application should be hearing from me in the next 24 hours.






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