Year 18’s Aset Oracle (in case you hadn’t read it lately)

The Kemetic Orthodox priesthood received the Oracle of the goddess Aset (known outside Kemet as “Isis”), as we always do, at Aset Luminous of Kemetic Orthodox Year 17, which would be just short of a year ago. We’ll be getting a new one this Aset Luminous, for the Kemetic ritual year to come that starts on secular August 3, but this one still applies for the rest of the year that remains.

It’s always interesting to go back and re-read what She gave us to work on in a particular year. And there’s no better time than the present to revisit the Oracle of Zep Tepi (Kemetic for “the first time/instance/occasion,” both the concept and the reality of Creation Day).

The Oracle of Aset for Year 18

The Year of Wisdom has Become and Gone. Keep your wisdom close and dear, for the Lord of All, the Lord of Zep-Tepi, He Whose Sun-Barque never fails as it sails across the sky, tells you now to mark each moment.

Do not look behind. The moments past are gone, never to be recaptured.

Do not look ahead. Those moments to come will grow only out of what is or is not done, what is or is not said, right now.

You celebrate Zep-Tepi in the turning of the year. You shall know this year that Zep-Tepi was, and is, created of making something new, in each measure of time. Zep-Tepi was the first moment on the Nun. It was the First Breath of life. It was in your first heartbeat, and it is now. Now.

Ra Who holds the wisdom of Neheh and Djet, Who knows the Names of all things in every place, looks not behind. The Great Barque sails on, not back, as the sun does not retrace its steps, no matter the storm, no matter the darkness, no matter what occurs. Each is in the rightful place to hold back the Uncreated one.

So, too, are you. No turning aside, no hesitation, no pause for thought of the impossibility of the task.

Ra commands. I know My Father’s Name, but it is He, Father of us all, Lord of All, He alone commands. And it is done according to His command.

Do you doubt? Do you believe you are smaller than the other? Do you believe you are greater than the other? Zep-Tepi is for each. Zep-Tepi is for all. Each shares his Zep-Tepi, his moment of doing, and Zep-Tepi Becomes for all.

Do not look behind at the good, or ill, of what was or might have been. Do not look behind at triumphs and defeats The waters have carried them away. Let the waters purify you for what is now.

Do not look ahead at the good, or ill, of what might be or is to come. Certain or not, it has not yet appeared and has its own moment yet to be. The waters move only as they will, and what is to come arrives soon enough.

Be now, in this moment. This moment has the power of all Zep-Tepi in the whisper of your mind, in the breath of your speech. You have but to speak. You have but to do.

Zep-Tepi Begins. Zep-Tepi Is. All is New.

The Year of Zep-Tepi belongs to Ra, as it belongs to all gods and no gods, Creation and Its Nun, the Great Flood that is Mother and Father to us all. It is yours to do with as you will, guided by My Son, your Mother. The Father and the Mother guide you. The Sun guides you. Go where They lead. In the first season Ra, in the second season Mut, in the third season Mehet-Weret and Zep-Tepi arises again.


5 responses to “Year 18’s Aset Oracle (in case you hadn’t read it lately)”

  1. Zat Avatar

    It’s been a good year. And amazing to consider how much I have personally managed to live by the oracle even without deliberately realizing it 98% of the time.

    Dua Netjer!

    With an oracle like that, you can’t really say you’re looking forward to the next one either. 🙂

  2. MeritAset Avatar

    Wow, this is my Mother at Her cosmic face slapping best for me. Especially seeing it was posted on my birthday. I may have missed out on the Oracle when it was first announced, but the impact it will have on me till New Year will be amazing,

    Dua Aset.

    Senebty and love,

  3. Gabriel Landaeta Avatar
    Gabriel Landaeta

    what a wonderful words this are.
    Dua Aset

  4. Maria Ramos Avatar
    Maria Ramos

    Today is 2, July 2011. This is th first time that I have read your blog. Thank you for all your sharings. Em Hotep!!!

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