No sleep (’til New Year)

It’s that time of year again, when I have Way Too Many Things on my mind, but most of them are good. It’s the final few days of the Kemetic year, leading into our huge Kemetic Orthodox Wep Ronpet celebration. What is Wep Ronpet? It’s a Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) phrase that literally means “opening the year,” and it’s a set of celebrations that we hold here at Tawy House in Joliet for the faithful. Since 1998, we’ve been gathering every August to sing, drum, pray, share meals, share liturgy, make amulets, watch people get married, and all kinds of other really exciting things. This year will be no exception to that. I expect Year 19 to be pretty amazing, and the 35 or so people who will be coming here to count it down with me are all packing and getting ready and excited!

This of course means no sleep for me. That’s fine, though – it’s a good cause to sacrifice a little dreamtime for. I’ll do my best to catch some z’s between errands and events, and keep you all up to date on the preparations. If I’ll be seeing you, safe travels and see you very soon! If not, and you’re a member of the faith, there’ll be some information posted about how you can celebrate at home, or what areas of the world will be hosting their own Wep Ronpet ceremonies that you can go join up with if you like.

May the end of this year bring you good completions, blessings and inspiration for the year to come.

By tsiuda and @tamarasiuda on Facebook and Twitter

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