Aset’s Oracle for Year 19 (beginning 3 August 2011)

The long-awaited Oracle of Aset has just been printed for the Retreat crew, who will all see it tomorrow morning. Since you couldn’t be with us, consider this an early Wep Ronpet present 🙂

The Year 19 Oracle – for the Kemetic Orthodox Year beginning 3 August, 2011 (I Akhet 1, Wepet Ronpet)

Year 19 Oracle of Aset, spoken at Aset Luminous, July 2011

The Year of Zep-Tepi has come and gone. Between the past Zep-Tepi and the one to come, the Word is spoken.

He knows, the Builder, He who Speaks the Word, when gods, men and life begin.

Creation begins, and Life is born. All new. Pure. Golden white, rising pure out of the Nun. Words are pure as water. Words can drown and bury, or raise into life.

Ask the Builder, He who Speaks the Word.

Words are the bricks and stones of your heart and tongue. Through heart and through tongue, stones rise, brick upon brick, higher and higher, stronger and stronger. Through heart and through tongue, you build – and life becomes.

You can choose this: the building, or the burying; the rising, or the drowning.

The great Builder knows, He who Speaks the Word.

Choose your words. Choose your stone.
At this, and each Zep-Tepi, speak your word.

Green is the year, green as a reed, green as still water, green as the face of the Builder as He renews His house. Green is the year, green and new. Green is the year, growing tall and strong, a palm frond of great length. Green is the year, green upon green.

Dua Aset! Dua Ptah! Nekhtet!


3 responses to “Aset’s Oracle for Year 19 (beginning 3 August 2011)”

  1. IaitYinepu Avatar

    Dua Ptah!! Thank you Hemet [henu]

  2. Soli Avatar

    This year actually puts me in mind some of both the Ra & Khnum year and the recent Djehuty year. Going to be meditating on this one in the coming days.

  3. Senneferet Avatar

    This really speaks to me, even as an outsider to Kemetic Orthodoxy. The House must use this year to rebuild their walls if the faith is to last. By having people join who don’t really adhere to your practices or principles you are just chipping away at the stone, and the House will crumble. Be a strong House. Individual but part of the village that is Kemeticism.

    Senebty x

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