26 new Remetj! Nekhtet!

Em hotep!

Please join me in welcoming 26 new Remetj to the House of Netjer this week! Congratulations and welcome to you all.

Corey B. of Florida
Kevin B. of Tennessee
Katherine B. of Minnesota
Randi C. of Ohio
Issy F. of North Carolina
Felicia D. of Connecticut
Natalie-Jayne E. of England
Alexander F. of England
Gemma F. of England
Linda G. of England
Ciera J. of Michigan
Scotti-Ana K. of Michigan
Mharq L. of South Carolina
Christine L. of Florida
Tammy M. of Canada
Kaitlyn M. of Pennsylvania
Bahy R. of Egypt
Kent R. of Texas
Amber S. of California
Stephen S. of Georgia
Patricia T. of Illinois
Jaime V. of Tennessee
Ivy W. of Australia
Siobhan W. of Texas
Raven W. of Indiana
Jacob W. of Washington


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