Patrons wanted – help grow my work!

With the advice and help of some friends, I am now listed on Patreon as a content creator. If you’re unfamiliar, Patreon is sort of the digital equivalent of the fan clubs people my age and older were part of when we were younger. In return for monthly support of an artist, patrons receive perks including early access to various projects, Patron-only projects, tangible gifts, and more. I actually have two different Patreons directed at the two very distinct parts of work I do around Egypt and Haiti, respectively. The button below and elsewhere on this site is for my Egypt-related Patreon work; if you’re interested in the Haiti-related work I do, check out the Mambo T Patreon instead. You’re invited to check them out and spread the word – with enough support I will be able to cut back on freelancing and spend more time writing and creating things for us to enjoy. Thank you so much!

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