Rainy Day Thinking

It’s pouring rain. I missed this sound this summer more than I realized, if my reaction is any indication. The scent of wet leaves and earth, the sound of the runoff from the roof and the pattering on the window next to where I’m typing, the need to turn on a light because it’s so dark in the room that I can’t see my fingers on the keyboard, distant rumbling thunder that never seems to call any lightning… Rain in Portland is a welcome experience, no matter how many times it rains. I don’t know if I just love rain, or two years in SoCal without it made me miss it, but there are few things better in life currently than sitting in this chair and watching the rain fall.

Of course I am doing a great deal more than watching rain. I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t. We finished preparing Tawy House for sale a couple of weeks ago, and now the realtors are going to do their magic, hopefully sooner rather than later. Winter is coming, and so are the heating bills. This weekend, I will ship out the last of the Ancient Egyptian Daybook backers’ packages and all of the backorders that happened after the campaign. The Daybook Planner is getting closer to completion. My dissertation is continuing to take shape. I’m unpacking the last few moving boxes in my living room that were trapped behind Daybook boxes, and fully moving into my home, just as I prepare to sign my second lease here. I may be slow, but I always get the things done, eventually.

The Patreon is going quite well, and better than I had expected it to. My students in the courses I’m offering there are terrific and teaching me things while they learn. The income that the Patreon is bringing in has let me cut back on freelance work this autumn, which in turn means I have more time for writing and research. This is huge. Not having to work six or seven different projects just to keep the roof over my head right now is a great blessing. I’m also excited about the Patreon work and enjoying it. Any creative who’s never thought about doing this ought to. There’s something to be said for having a group of people who support you unconditionally to bounce ideas off of, to talk to, or just to know they exist. It’s making me more creative just to take part in the process. I’m so glad that I listened to the advice I was given and only wish I’d decided to do it sooner. (Thank you, Ochani, again and again).

Now I just need to get over whatever autumn sinus-related ick that I’ve managed to acquire and feel well enough to do a little more work than I’m doing right now….including finding a new template design for this website. It’s time.


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