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I once participated daily on Twitter as @tamarasiuda (occasionally as @chitatann). Unfortunately the company was sold to a terrible person and the product is also becoming terrible, so I have moved my daily reading to Mastodon, where you can find me on the Spore Social instance.

My Editing business: Stargazer Design

I’m on LinkedIn, and my business is Stargazer Design, if you’re in the market for a writer and/or editor. I freelance in a number of nonfiction and fiction genres and also edit and create websites.

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If you are looking for me on social media, you can find me on FacebookPinterest,  Tumblr, or Instagram; of these, I use Instagram the most reliably. The easiest way to reach me is actually email (see below). As a scholar, I have a listing at .

Interested in Kemetic Orthodoxy?

Our main site is, and our temple forums are at

Interested in Haitian Vodou?

Visit my Vodou blog at, my Mambo T Patreon, or check out the shop at Legba’s Crossroads.


tamara at tamarasiuda dot com (general) or andezo at gmail dot com (Vodou only) ((links removed to avoid spider/bots)) emails come directly to me. I do my best to answer quickly, though sometimes it takes a few days.

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