The Ancient Egyptian Daybook (PB)


Paperback, 360 pages.

Ancient Egyptian calendars, holidays, deities of the day, and more. Translated by Dr. Tamara L. Siuda and richly illustrated by Megan Zane. eBook versions are available at


Cover of The Ancient Egyptian Daybook by Tamara L. Siuda


PAPERBACK – 360 pages – ISBN 978-1-365-58787-0
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The history and use of the ancient Egyptian calendar: holidays, festivals, religious observances, the gods of every day of the year, and more. Translated from hieroglyphic sources by Tamara L. Siuda and richly illustrated by Megan Zane.

Dr. Tamara L. Siuda is an Egyptologist and Coptologist with three decades of experience in translating ancient Egyptian texts for modern audiences.

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