A whole, curious individual.

Welcome to the new website. Over the last few years I’ve been steadily compartmentalizing my life, attempting to keep the various things I’ve been involved in and curious about in separate containers. I ended up with two Facebook pages, two Twitters, two blogs – that people knew about – and several others that they might not have known about. Somehow I ended up with more than ten emails and far too many hats to wear.

Separation makes sense if things are truly separate, but all of the things that I’m curious about, the very things that help me define who and what I am, are connected because they are all part of that life I’m living. Allowing my interests and various “lives” to be separated? Left me with no life at all.

While necessity dictates I can’t get rid of all of my emails, and that I’ll still have to maintain some separation between some of the roles and interests I have in my life, for the most part, from now on, I intend to be more of a whole person: me. In all of my curious, seemingly contradictory, and endlessly-fascinated reality. If anything I write makes you think, or better yet, makes you curious? I’ll consider it a success.







3 responses to “A whole, curious individual.”

  1. Mikhael East Avatar

    I like the new website, and like you, have many interests that I wonder how can be combined into one ubersite . . . well I guess you have given me inspiration for same! Thanks.

    And I enjoyed the Egyptian Prayerbook BTW (still trying to work out why 2 of the 42 neg Confessions are the same though!)

  2. tsiuda Avatar

    The two are the same because the ancients thought that purification was important enough to repeat it, and/or that it was really important. (Repetition, or using the abbreviation zep-sen or “(repeat) two times” is a common linguistic form in the hieroglyphic language to emphasize something, like how we use ALL CAPS on the Internet.”

  3. IaitYinepu Avatar

    I like what you have done here. It makes a lot of sense to bring it all together and complete the puzzle that makes you You.

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