Well….that was a really short month. HAITIAN VODOU available NOW!

This morning, one of my sons in Vodou contacted me saying that Amazon had sent a shipping notice for his pre-ordered copy of Haitian Vodou. Since I’d been told that our release date was February 8, and all the various websites also had that date on them, and since I also hadn’t gotten all the authors’ copies the publisher was sending me yet, I was a little surprised.

After a call to my editor, I learned that the release date was contingent on printing, and could be moved up if they got printed faster. A few hours after that, I got a box of gorgeous authors’ copies. So, yes. Haitian Vodou, my first book on Vodou, is now available everywhere, though it seems that we’re already selling out on Amazon and they haven’t gotten inventory to certain booksellers yet. It’s coming, though. If you should order one, please let me know what you think.

I won’t be doing any chatting about the book tomorrow. The anniversary of the 2010 earthquake is upon us, and the book is dedicated to my godmother, Mambo Daille, who died two years ago tomorrow. (It is apt, then, that I can gift her with a copy of the book she helped inspire; perhaps this wasn’t an “early release” after all….)

Tomorrow, after the repair work at Tawy is completed, I’ll be spending time with my spirits and my family. If you are of the praying persuasion, please remember all those who were changed by that day, living and dead, in Haiti and all over the world. It’s still a little too close and a little too raw to talk about, so maybe I’ll try again some day when the words come.


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