A mobile website, and other updates

It’s been a while. Cross-country moving takes more out of you than you realize, until you’ve finally landed, it seems….

Some news:

1. There’s a mobile version of tamarasiuda.com available now, thanks to an excellent WordPress plugin called WPTouch. You can continue to interact with this website as I designed it, or you can use the “mobile version” on your phones and tablets, if you prefer. My eyes are grateful for the brighter, smaller interface already.

2. In addition to getting settled in northern California and trying to find a job to replace the salary I lost to a boiler replacement, I’ve been writing. Currently I’m talking with a publisher about a new book, and getting together the details to set up a Kickstarter project to raise the necessary funds to publish another piece of writing that has wanted to see daylight for almost five years. Both these things are exciting, and I hope to be able to post more details soon.

3. Curious to know if any of you tried out the Ptah Heka that I spoke about here, or if you did it personally with me at the Wep Ronpet retreat last August. How are your goals coming? Kemetic New Year is two months away now.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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3 responses to “A mobile website, and other updates”

  1. Setken Avatar

    Very keen to know the new writing projects and if there are more Kemetic Prayerbooks on the horizon?

    1. tsiuda Avatar

      There are definitely some Kemetic projects. 🙂 I’m interested to know what people would like to check out, as well. There are so many things that I could do.

  2. Setken Avatar

    I would love another prayerbook (with literal translations) as well as prayers that you have constructed yourself.

    I am also interested to learn of your personal journey with the Netjeru, and what has inspired you to bring Netjer to the world through your religion.

    I would love to see a book of spells and heka, and to read your perspective on specific Netjeru like Set, Heru, Maat, Sekhemet, Heka, Sokar, Amon Ra, Khepera, Ra, Khnum.

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