A new year and a new Daybook related project

By now it’s Gregorian 2017 in every place my readers are. May it be your best year yet, if you measure time in that fashion. Today is what we have, but there’s nothing wrong with plans and dreams for the tomorrow that will be today soon enough.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time (see what I did there) delving into calendars over the past several years. The Ancient Egyptian Daybook, my book about pharaonic Egyptian calendars, is in a printshop. Soon, many boxes of books will arrive, and I can engage in the process of mailing them to the very nice people who helped me get it to print with their Kickstarter pledges and Egyptiandaybook.com preorders. Gods willing, that happens this week. It is hard to believe it’s finished, after spending more than 20 years of my life with the data, and the last four battling the publishing process. So far I haven’t heard much from the backers who have their e-book copies already, but what I have heard has been positive. I do hope everyone enjoys it.

At the same time that the Daybook releases, I will launch a separate Kickstarter project for a companion perpetual planner (a blank calendar, so you can use the ancient Egyptian calendar as your own). It’s already written and in the layout process. This crowdfunding project, if successful, will permit me to pay the Daybook’s illustrator (Megan Zane) for another license for her beautiful art, and to have professional editing and design done so it’s both correct and attractive. You’ll hear more from me about this soon, but this is a heads up that this is a Thing That Will Happen. If the project does well, that planner will start being available, again gods willing and the printer ink don’t run dry, by the end of January 2017.

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