Just shy of 75%…Ancient Egyptian Daybook Planner go!

Today we’re at 74% of funding for the followup project to The Ancient Egyptian Daybook. This is a standalone perpetual planner-style calendar, and a project I had mentioned doing back with the first Kickstarter but was holding until the Daybook itself was complete. Now it’s time to get that going, and you can help either by backing it/preordering your copy, or helping me to spread the word. If the Kickstarter doesn’t make its goal by the end of March – we have 21 days left – then this project will not be funded and it will have to wait until I can afford to do it in the future.

Here’s where to find it:

Thanks for your help with visibility! There is a very ambitious stretch goal for a calendar app to go with the planner – a way to print out calendars based on all your parameters and essentially an interactive digital Daybook – but that needs quite a bit more funding for me to hire the programmers in addition to the design and distribution people/licensing it takes. I’ve seen a very very basic prototype of the app already, and so I know it can be done. If that’s a thing that interests you or would interest your friends, please let them know. It would be great fun to put an ancient calendar out for our modern age in that way.


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