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Aset’s Oracle for Year 19 (beginning 3 August 2011)

The long-awaited Oracle of Aset has just been printed for the Retreat crew, who will all see it tomorrow morning. Since you couldn’t be with us, consider this an early Wep Ronpet present 🙂 The Year 19 Oracle – for … Continue reading

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No sleep (’til New Year)

It’s that time of year again, when I have Way Too Many Things on my mind, but most of them are good. It’s the final few days of the Kemetic year, leading into our huge Kemetic Orthodox Wep Ronpet celebration. … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Gift for Kemet and Her People

In rough times or happy times, wealth grows because it is spread. – from the Sayings of Ankhsheshonqy In the year of Zep-Tepi, it is time to remember a beginning – and make another one Become. Bear with me as … Continue reading

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