Aset’s Oracle for Year 20 (for Kemet’s new year beginning 3 August 2012)

The Year 20 Oracle of Aset, spoken at Aset Luminous, 2012

At this moment of the year’s turning, rise. Look around.

Look up. Look and see the blue of the Great Flood.

Look and see the shining, radiant love that my Mother bears for you all.

She embraces and holds safe all those who walked before you, who now reflect Her light back to you. This love is a pledge, a reminder, and a patient hope.

Nut watches over you, over all you build. She holds earth, wind, and water in balance. Balance is not an easy thing – not for Her, and not for you. It requires attention, it requires commitment, and it requires patience.

Therein lies hope. Hope is something shared, patiently, life to life. Just as you began to build, what you build is not ever for you alone – even if your part seems to go alone. Hope too requires attention, commitment, and patience. It requires constant work.

Nut never tires, never stops. She remains constant, in Her place. Hers is a task She willingly upholds. Remain constant, in yours.

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4 Responses to Aset’s Oracle for Year 20 (for Kemet’s new year beginning 3 August 2012)

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  2. Kim says:

    This is so positive and uplifting. Thanks.

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