33rd Beginners’ Class…begins!

(Just writing that is kind of amazing. Thirty-three? We’ve really done 33 of these things? Wow.)

The 33rd official House of Netjer/Kemetic Orthodox Faith beginners’ class started this evening, with a welcome letter. Next, those who signed up will be hearing from the teachers, but I expect that won’t happen probably until later in the weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday here in the US. So, if you’re expecting a letter and don’t get yours, check your spam filters first (clear all @kemet.org and @netjer.org addresses, and never click “report spam” on one of our letters or you’ll never see us again AND you’ll get us blacklisted with your ISP). If you still didn’t get a letter, contact me at the address you received with your invitation and we’ll find out what happened.

Additionally, our ISP will be rebooting some time Sunday morning. Let’s hope this time it stays up without blowing up for three days like it did the last time!

Talk soon.






2 responses to “33rd Beginners’ Class…begins!”

  1. kanace isla Avatar
    kanace isla

    i wanted to join this class but the house of netjar website is not updated

    1. tsiuda Avatar

      The most up to date information on Kemetic Orthodoxy is at our forum website, netjer.org – the kemet.org website is being revamped and has more or less been static for some years. Very sorry for any confusion.

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