15 (make that 16!) new Remetj! Nekhtet!

Em hotep!

Please join me in welcoming 15 16 new Remetj to the Kemetic Orthodox Faith!

Flower of California
Mark of Michigan
Avy of California
Jody of Texas
David of Georgia
Marz of West Virginia
Siegwald of Colombia
Ty of Nevada
Tina of North Carolina
Ronnie of North Carolina
Brittney of Florida
Bevvie of Ireland
Stephanie of Ohio
Matteo of South Dakota
Suzanne of North Carolina
and please add Peggy of Ohio!

Welcome home! It’s always a pleasure to welcome new people to the faith. This group gets all new forums to play with, too. (lucky lucky!)



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One response to “15 (make that 16!) new Remetj! Nekhtet!”

  1. Avonell Avatar

    Well, if you want to get technical, I’m Avy of Mass. now that college is in session. 😉

    Nekhtet everyone! So proud of my class and ecstatic to start this new adventure with you all!

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