19 (make that 21!) new Remetj! Nekhtet!

Em hotep!

Please join me in welcoming 19 new Remetj to the House of Netjer this week! Congratulations and welcome to you all. (If you were expecting to graduate and aren’t on this list, please contact me – it means that somewhere, the graduation emails must have gone astray, and we never heard from you to confirm.)

Laura A. of Washington state
Hudson A. of Brazil
David B. of North Carolina
Sarah B. of New York
Chelsey B. of Virginia
Brandon B. of Florida
Alexy D. of Washington state
Maite E. of Wales
Caio E. of Brazil
Bernadette G. of California
Angel H. of Oregon
Danielle J. of Georgia
Susan M. of Missouri
Jessica S. of Florida
Beverly T. of Singapore
Ella T., currently on the high seas with the U.S. Navy (be safe!)
Matthew T. of New York
Luke V. of Michigan
Koti W. of California

ETA: Two more Remetj to make it 21 as of Saturday morning (12 May 2012)! Please add a welcome for:
Conor H. of Ireland
Kit T. of North Carolina

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