Daybook ebook now available for backers/preorders!

Yes, it is finally happening. All Kickstarter backers for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook received an update on how to get their free ebook (PDF or EPUB versions) late last night/early this morning. Today, I have also begun to send those emails out to the preorders from the website, though I’ve run into a couple of technical problems on my end with that distribution. Doing my best to get those ironed out so the preorder people will have their ebook download codes in hand as soon as possible too! Thank you all very, very much for your patience today.

Printing for the physical books (paperback, hardcover, and coilbound for those Kickstarter backers who chose that third option) is waiting on the printer now, but it is in process. More updates on that, and on backer/preorder shipments, as they occur. For the moment the book will not yet be available to the general public, as I want to get it to backers first.

There might be a tiny sliver of a window for you to get in on the preorders though…so if you want an ebook now and to get priority seating for the printed version of the paperback or the hardcover…now’s your chance. Go to and check it out. As soon as the printer gives me a date on when the books are arriving, that will be stopped.

It feels very strange to have a project that I’ve been working on in one way or another for more than 25 years to be making its way into the world. I am still excited, though, and I hope that you all enjoy it!

By tsiuda and @tamarasiuda on Facebook and Twitter

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