Welcome, 19 new Remetj!

Nineteen people joined theKemetic Orthodox House of Netjer as members this week. I’d like to give a warm welcome to: Jon of North Carolina Stephanie of Maryland Anna of Alabama Carlos Eduardo of Brazil Jose of Texas Michael of California Leigh-Ann of Michigan Lesley of Florida Gabriel of Venezuela Ragman of Brazil Ericka of Canada… Continue reading Welcome, 19 new Remetj!

“God is in the Clean”

Been busy this week, catching up with the things I had to set aside to get the book draft for Haitian Vodou finished, getting some well-deserved sleep, and various errands around the building and the springtime. It’s been raining almost every day. This happens in this area; it’s something I’ve noted since I moved to… Continue reading “God is in the Clean”

Kemet Today post on Osama bin Laden

Much as I’d rather not post about politics all the time, obviously this is not something I could ignore, especially after I said something about 9/11 that ended up in a book about the subject. You can read the post here, on my Kemetic Orthodox blog. Right now, I’m just wrestling with my thoughts. I’m… Continue reading Kemet Today post on Osama bin Laden

A whole, curious individual.

Welcome to the new website. Over the last few years I’ve been steadily compartmentalizing my life, attempting to keep the various things I’ve been involved in and curious about in separate containers. I ended up with two Facebook pages, two Twitters, two blogs – that people knew about – and several others that they might… Continue reading A whole, curious individual.