Back from my third trip/event since 2017 began. Early morning thanks to jet lag means looking at my calendar, sorting what needs to be done, and preparing for my next trip, to Paganicon in March. Zigzag won’t leave visual contact, which means he’s not trusting me to stay home already. There are still 20-odd cartons of Ancient… Continue reading Pause

It’s not real until you hold it in your hands….

I got the test book for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook in mid-December. That was when the project started to feel like a real thing, beyond the ebook that had already been released to the Kickstarter and backers. I even took a photo of it, to remember that moment, when the project went from my… Continue reading It’s not real until you hold it in your hands….

It’s here…..

The Ancient Egyptian Daybook is finally available for retail sale. Order your own copy here: It is also available in all three formats, via my author spotlight page at Lulu. And it is already (!) available at Apple’s iBookstore. and other bookstores should have it available for sale very shortly, and I’ll update… Continue reading It’s here…..

Daybook ebook now available for backers/preorders!

Yes, it is finally happening. All Kickstarter backers for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook received an update on how to get their free ebook (PDF or EPUB versions) late last night/early this morning. Today, I have also begun to send those emails out to the preorders from the website, though I’ve run into a couple… Continue reading Daybook ebook now available for backers/preorders!

A pressing item

The Ancient Egyptian Daybook has gone out for its test print, which means it’ll be available soon. Here’s what the cover looks like. While I still have to print, ship to all the Kickstarter and website preorders, and then roll out the retail opening…the hardest part is done. I don’t think I’ve ever been this… Continue reading A pressing item