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  • …has it really been six months?

    No, actually. It’s been seven since I moved. Wow. I’ve been blogging, actually, just not on this particular site (forgive me). There are ruminations about Vodou over at imamou.org, and then I have been posting about the various things that I do in my Kemetic practice on the official website for that. It seems that…

  • The Ancient Egyptian Daybook – 222% funded with 19 days to go!

    Eleven days ago, I started the Kickstarter campaign for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook, a follow-up project to the Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook I wrote a few years ago. The events of that afternoon were epic. I posted here, and on my Facebook page, and then went out to pick up some packages for the upcoming PantheaCon…

  • A Heb-Wer update: random news

    Happy Heb Wer (the “great festival” of Heru-wer or Horus the Elder, for those who aren’t in my faith)! This is always a fun festival, even if it’s a little chilly here for hawk-watching…. So, what’s up around here? Let’s summarize.