A Heb-Wer update: random news

Happy Heb Wer (the “great festival” of Heru-wer or Horus the Elder, for those who aren’t in my faith)! This is always a fun festival, even if it’s a little chilly here for hawk-watching….

So, what’s up around here? Let’s summarize.In 2012 I am hoping to blog far more often than I was able to in the past. I am also hoping that it will be relatively interesting. We’ll see how that goes!

Life at Tawy proceeds apace. Just in time for the coldest couple of days of our winter so far, our boilers decided to act up, and started malfunctioning on New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow I have a second wave of HVAC guys coming out to assess the situation and tell us what we need to do. We’ve known we’d have to replace the boilers since we purchased the building in 2003, so it’s not a surprise necessarily, but I suspect we were all hoping that they’d make it through the winter and not act up while it’s still cold!

In two weeks we’ll be hosting a fellowship weekend here, for the Celestial Cow/Thanksgiving/Return of the Eye festivals that happened in December, a sort of late “Moomas” gathering as it were. I’m looking forward to see my temple family soon, and spend some quality time with them. Not long after that, I’ll be heading out on a big adventure for me. I’m moving out of Tawy and heading to California for a writing job. Considering that currently, I live approximately 100 miles from my hometown…this is the furthest move I’ve ever made, and quite a change. (and yes, I can hear all of you who know me and know how (not) fond I am of California are laughing. Go ahead.) I intend to have as much fun with a cross-country drive in the middle of winter as I can – real fun, not stuck in mountains fun, mind you. Route 66 here I come, most likely! Plenty for a curious girl to do on that drive.

Haitian Vodou comes out on February 8, and we’re making a huge release party at Pantheacon in San Jose over Presidents’ Day weekend. That is also exciting. I got some really good reviews and am confident that people will enjoy it, even if part of me still wants to revise and edit some more. In other writing news, I’m setting up another proposal for a big book, and Kickstarter recently accepted a separate proposal, toward fundraising to complete a book I’ve been working on for years. I’ll definitely have news on all three of those things coming as soon as they are set up fully.

Enough for tonight.


4 responses to “A Heb-Wer update: random news”

    1. tsiuda Avatar

      Dua Heru-wer, nekhtet!

  1. Setken Avatar

    CAn’t wait to hear about the new writing projects! Is there another Kemetic Prayerbook in the works?

    And what of the writing job in California?

    Interestingly, a Heru-Wer sculpture I promised someone has only just near completion by me right now! Timing!

    1. tsiuda Avatar

      Em hotep, Setken! The Kickstarter project is a Kemetic one, you’ll see 🙂 The job in California I can’t talk about quite yet, but will when I can. Dua Heru indeed!

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