The Mysteries of Osiris (Wesir)

This week, we start a big celebration in the ancient Egyptian religion, that of the Mysteries of Wesir (called Osiris by the Greeks). According to our Kemetic Orthodox calendar, the festival starts today, and goes through the week. We’ll be celebrating it together, both online at simulcast ceremonies, and offline at Tawy House starting on… Continue reading The Mysteries of Osiris (Wesir)

Wesir (Osiris) Mysteries, 2011

This is a very special and holy season for the Kemetic Orthodox, the season of the Mysteries of Wesir (the Osiria). In 2009, I wrote a series of meditations over the night of the vigil we kept here at Tawy House: God is Dead: Thoughts about the Mysteries of Wesir Advancing with Your Ka: Thoughts… Continue reading Wesir (Osiris) Mysteries, 2011