It’s time! The Ancient Egyptian Daybook project is on Kickstarter!

The Ancient Egyptian Daybook!

See the Kickstarter Project here!

After a year of reviewing and getting feedback from other Kickstarter pioneers, a project I’ve been putting together for even longer is ready to become reality. The Ancient Egyptian Daybook, a follow-up to the Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook project, will include all of my research and information on ancient Egypt’s festival calendars and holidays, along with a companion blank perpetual “calendar” that you can use as a project planner or journal. I’m incredibly excited about the possibilities. I’ll also be available to discuss it this weekend, at the PantheaCon religious conference here in San Jose.

Please forgive the description length. I have friends and family who cannot listen to audio on the video due to being deaf, so the description is a reproduction of the video script. (Of course, this also means that if you can’t watch the video with the sound up, you can follow along!) The TL;DR version is: I’m writing a book about ancient Egyptian calendars, I need to get it edited, designed, and printed, and I’m inviting people to help crowdfund on Kickstarter, an excellent, no-risk platform.

Updates will appear here and on the Kickstarter website. I’ve got 30 days to make this happen. Thank you for your consideration, and for helping me spread the word!

You can see the project video and information here.


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  2. […] It’s time! The Ancient Egyptian Daybook project is on Kickstarter! […]

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