Ancient Egyptian Daybook updates (Halfway there…)

This is crazy.

We’ve still got 16 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign for The Ancient Egyptian Daybook. By this morning, we’ve doubled the original goal already, and are well on our way to stretch goal number one.

I don’t know whether to giggle and point or shake in terror. This entire experience has moved so quickly beyond any expectations I had, that I’ve gone plaid. Are any of you even old enough to get that reference?

Even Google is showing 700+ references and links to the project at this point. Most of them are from people I don’t know. This evening, two people pledged money that I’m fairly certain are actually famous people, though I’ll know for sure when the campaign’s over and I get addresses to mail them copies of the Daybook when it’s finished.

I’m surprised I can still speak English at this point. The one thing I keep repeating, besides “whoa,” is THANK YOU.

Huge thanks to everybody who’s boosting this signal. We’ve got a long way to go toward that final stretch goal for the interactive mobile app, but I’m starting to believe it’s in the realm of possibility. (Good going. You broke my cynicism.)

A random listing of some of the web posts (THANK YOU!), not counting all the Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr love:
The Daybook on Kicktraq
Owning the Stone
Caroline’s Egyptology Column
Pagan Pickle’s blog – clarifying: it’s for anyone who’s interested in the calendars, religious OR secular!
Syncretic Mystic’s blog
The Hermetic Library Blog
Aedicula Antinoi blog
The Kemetic Reconstructionism community on Facebook
The BritCon MN community on Facebook
Gold of the Valley, Lapis of the River (Shefyt’s blog)

Maybe ancient Egypt is more than a niche. Can we prove it? I think we can. Keep that signal bouncing, and thank you all!


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